Posted by: Linda Deal | March 13, 2009

Ok so I got a blog….

So when I arrived at my Adobe Photoshop class tonight our assignment was to create a blog…so here goes.  For those of you who know me I am in the process of developing my illustration portfolio to “break into” the competitive field of children’s books writing/illustrating.   Well I guess instead of breaking in I am more slowly chiseling my way through.  I love art, theater, kids (I have two of my own) and  a good laugh.   I think that a great children’s book combines all of these things.   My current job is a domestic and educational supervisor to two  lovely daughters.  Before that I taught art and theater in a high school.  I experienced lots of drama at both jobs!

I would like to use this blog as a means of networking with those in the field, those who are also breaking into the field, and of course those who just love children’s art/books.  I will be posting new artwork soon.  OK…enjoy.


  1. Linda,

    You need to get something up on your about page. Did you show your husband when you got home?


    • I showed him, he thought it was cool…I told him right now it is better shape then the wesite, so we will stick to that. He is finishing a big project soon and then he should be able to spend more time on development for me.

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